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FREE Shipping on all UK orders & 90 Day Returns

How to change your filters in your MVHR / HRV system

Heat recovery systems by their very nature require regular maintenance to ensure the system works correctly and to prevent damage.

Filters must be changed a minimum of every 12 months but this is subject to the environment in which you live. Filters being used in urban areas will need more regular changing, often every 3 to 6 months.

Basic filter maintenance is recommended between filter changes. This can be undertaken by gently cleaning or vacuuming the filters. We recommend that you read your manufacturer’s instructions for guidance. Typically you should avoid using any liquids when cleaning.

You can easily replace the filters in your MVHR HRV system yourself. The method varies depending on the system you have but it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

We recommend that you follow the instruction manual of your MVHR HRV system for an explanation on how to change your filters. We provide links to instruction manuals on our product pages.

Our own simple guide is set out below...

Step 1) Turn off or unplug the unit.

Step 2) Remove the front panel of the system (this may require unscrewing the panel) or slide open the filter doors / drawer.

Step 3) Remove (by gently pulling) the two dirty filters from the system.

Step 4) Insert the new clean filters in the unit.

Step 5) Place the front panel back on the system or close the filter doors / drawer.

Step 6) Turn on the unit for the system to restart.

Step 7) If you have a digital control panel, this may need resetting.

Job done!

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