About us

Just over a year ago we became fascinated by filters. It may sound crazy but it’s true.

Isn’t it nice when you can enjoy the clean and comfortable space which you call home? We think so too.

With many workplaces already providing comfort cooling and improved ventilation, our homes are now doing the same. In the last few years clever systems have begun to be installed that deliver fresh air to our living spaces 24 hours a day and even with the windows closed. Pretty cool right?!

But we soon began to worry. Like our bodies, these systems need looking after and maintaining. A neglected system means it works less efficiently and will not deliver any of the nice benefits. Oh, and it also gets pretty darn loud too. Nobody told us about this either.

Instead of you trawling through the internet to find your replacement filter, we thought we’d create an easy place for you to buy them. All you now need to do is pop them straight into your system at home.

Now we can all breathe happy. Phew!

About FilterMate